Steel Shims

Steel ShimsShims are commonly used for aligning or spacing between two components or surfaces to allow for wear compensation or tolerance accumulation (dimensional variance). The process of placing and removing pieces of shim for alignment acquired the name “shimming”. Similarly shims are used for bearing adjustment. Shims can be manufactured from various materials and take many profiles.

Laminated shims provide peelable layers allowing for variable thicknesses to reduce working time, and the necessity to stock a large variety of shim thicknesses. Laminated shims can also be used to remove the wear out of rotating shafts and adjusting the tolerances on the top and bottom of the alignment.

The differing applications for shims are listed below and further information can be acquired from With catalogues available here or at Who Sells

Most commonly used in Construction, Aerospace. Automotive and Agriculture Engineering, and composites.

Industries & Applications


Bearings Steel (CS4 CR4)
Pumps and Motors Brass
Hydraulics Copper
Transmissions Stainless Steel
Pneumatic Aluminum
Linear Laminated Steel
Marine Laminated Brass
Gaskets Laminated Aluminum


Automobile Alignment (Slotted Shims, Foot Shims)
Rail Bearing Shim
Food Industry Washers (DIN & Bespoke)
Aerospace Laminated (Peelable)
Turbines Support Shims
Machine Tools Arbour Spacing
Tabbed Shim / Washers